"Using the Commercial Ratio to Drive Sales and Marketing Performance"
A webcast hosted by Scott Santucci, President of Growth Enablement and Kunal Mehta, Principal Portfolio Operations, TCV


Be introduced to ground breaking research 100% developed post-COVID and systematically applied in over 50 companies. Learn how you might use these insights in your company.


In the Post-COVID world, investors want to see much more spending discipline from sales and marketing leaders.

Growth Enablement is partnering with private equity firm TCV (Netflix, Airbnb, etc) to provide the first tops down and bottoms up view into sales and marketing performance excellence.


Scott and Brian are joined by Kunal Mehta from the Private Equity firm TCV. Kunal shares a behind the scene view of rolling out the commercial ratio to all TCV portfolio companies. What were those discussions? What was the focus? What happened?

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President, Founder, Growth Enablement

Scott Santucci is often referred to as the "Godfather of Sales Enablement" having launched Forrester's Sales Enablement practice in 2008, founding the Sales Enablement Society and leading its unprecedented and meteoric rise as Chairman and President until 2018. He has also served as a Director for management consultancy Alexander Group and launched the Sales Executive and Sales Enablement Communities for The Conference Board. Today, he runs Growth Enablement - the only professional services firm that blends research, consulting, and execution capabilities into targeted, profitable growth programs.


Principal, Portfolio Operations, TCV

Kunal Mehta currently serves as a Principal of Portfolio Operations at TCV, one of the premier private equity firms in the world. He's now building the sales and marketing center of excellence for their portfolio firms. Before joining TCV, Kunal has a wide range of successful sales enablement, strategy, and operations stints at firms like Infoblox, VMware, HP Software, and Informatica. He's a strong advocate of driving simplification in the commercial system and is a strong advocate for introducing design thinking principles and the 80/20 rule into sales and marketing operations.

Navigating the Post-COVID World

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.

Any one of these conditions create massive obsolesces for business performance and COVID has thrust all of them upon every organization... at the same time.

Wall street has shifted from bull market to a bear market faster than another other time in history.

The economy is in a deep recession and hopes of a rapid bounce back are clouded by more COVID outbreaks and social unrest.

Businesses have never had to make smarter investments with their spending, and be more flexible and adaptive with how they execute than right now.


The State of Sales Enablement

In March, Scott Santucci invited: Dr. Howard Dover (Professor from Univerisity of Texas-Dallas), Kunal Metha, and Lindsey Gore (Account Executive from Microsoft) to have a panel conversation about time impact of COVID on sales and marketing. Recording of the Panel

From this panel, Scott drove the most complete and comprehensive analysis of the state of sales enablement - which included panel discussions with a wide range of roles involved in the commercial system.

Simultaneously, Kunal working on several emergency COVID response programs across TCV's portfolio.

Scott and Kunal regularly compared notes and, through trial and error found areas of overlap and discovered the power of the commercial ratio.


An executable insight

Commercial Systems are Inefficient and Outdated

Today, the accountability and responsibly for driving a commercial system is broken down into organizational silos and distributed across too many people. As a result, businesses are generating overwhelming amounts of uncoordinated activities that overload the salesforce and confuse customers. Unfortunately - because of a lack of overall process, most executives teams look at the wrong data and misdiagnose the problem.

We will cover:

  • What a commercial ratio is

  • Why it matters

  • Who is responsible and accountable for results

  • How do you create a 2-3 year plan

  • When do you realize results

Revenue Growth is a Team Sport

Marketing Leaders

You are responsible for driving commercial results

Sales Leaders

You are held accountable for commercial results

Finance Leaders

You manage profitability across the company

B.U. Leaders

More efficiency makes it easier to hit your numbers

Marketing Ops

You oversee the spending and results of marketing

Sales Ops

You are responsible for greater efficiencies

Sales Enablement

You are responsible for a more effective Salesforce

Sales Strategy

Your are responsible for the coverage model

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

-Lao Tzu