The Story Behind Commercial Ratio

In March 2020, Scott Santucci invited: Dr. Howard Dover (Professor from University of Texas-Dallas), Kunal Mehta (Principal Portfolio Operations at TCV), and Lindsey Gore (Account Executive from Microsoft) to have a panel conversation about the impact of COVID-19 on sales and marketing.

From this panel, Scott drove the most complete and comprehensive analysis of the state of sales enablement, which included panel discussions with a wide range of roles involved in the commercial system.

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Simultaneously, Kunal was working on several emergency COVID response programs across TCV's portfolio.

Scott and Kunal regularly compared notes and through trial and error found areas of overlap and discovered the power of the Commercial Ratio.

Kunal Mehta
Principal, Portfolio Operations

Scott Santucci
Growth Enablement

Navigating the post-covid world

VUCA: Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.

Any one of these conditions creates massive obsolesces for business performance and COVID-19 has thrust all of them upon every organization... at the same time.

Wall Street has shifted from a bull market to a bear market faster than any other other time in history.

The economy is in a deep recession and hopes of a rapid bounce back are clouded by more coronavirus outbreaks and social unrest.

Businesses have never had to make smarter investments with their spending, and be more flexible and adaptive with how they execute than right now.

A Simple Metric for a Complex System

For years, we've heard about the need for Sales and Marketing alignment to no avail. As companies struggle to rebuild pipelines, recoup revenue and meet their goals, they need new growth strategies for one, two, even three years out. The Commercial Ratio holds organizations from the top-down accountable for Sales and Marketing driving revenue growth.

How the Commercial Ratio works