Commercial Ratio Podcasts

Listen to Inside: Sales Enablement

Join Scott Santucci, the founding father of the sales enablement profession, and trailblazer Brian Lambert as they discuss real challenges, real stories, and real results of the Commercial Ratio with sales enablement professionals.

Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, shares his thoughts on the Commercial Ratio and why value is so important to understand in sales. This podcast covers why Sales and Marketing are viewed as “growth programs” by investors, how the Commercial Ratio is used by investors and executives, and the role of Sales Enablement in moving the needle on the Commercial Ratio.

Kunal Mehta from the private equity firm TCV shares a behind-the-scenes view of rolling out the Commercial Ratio to all TCV portfolio companies. Find out why the Commercial Ratio is a great starting point for addressing sales and marketing challenges and how you can use the metric to engage more strategically with your executive team.

New ideas are often met with challenges and pushback. So much about the Commercial Ratio is about getting it right, not being right. Long-time listener Erik Host-Steen joins Scott Santucci and Brian Lambert to discuss the business impact of using the Commercial Ratio. What is the Commercial Ratio trying to accomplish? And what does it do that other tools and methods that already are in place don't accomplish?

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